Re: CWT QRS: Any takers for G2CWO on 10th June?

Duncan G3WZD, #1979

That’s given me an idea, Stew… I should reactivate my Giving Back sessions and can use G2CWO for those..!


Stay safe, folks!



Duncan, G3WZD


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My participation in the CWTs has taken a bit of a hit lately with the sunny weather, occasional HQPs and the UKEICC contests. Also I regularly go through periods of boredom with them but I'll definitely try to do at least one of the QRS ones using GW2CWO if no-one else wants it.


I've also decided that from next month I'll be using GW2CWO for my Tuesday evening 'Giving Back' sessions on 40m.


Take care everyone and enjoy the sun if you are able.


Stew, GW0ETF

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Subject: [CWopsUK] CWT QRS: Any takers for G2CWO on 10th June?

Hi all CWops members in G land…

The next QRS CWT sessions will be on 10th June (& 03:00z on 11th for the insomniacs among us). Please let me know if any of you would like to use G2CWO. I’ll activate the call for the 13:00z session but only if no other takers.


Duncan, G3WZD (QRZ admin for G2CWO)

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